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What Is Hypnosis?

Facts and fiction:

There is no magic to hypnosis.  It is a normal part of your brainís function that you experience on a daily basis.  When you are driving down the road and you are daydreaming about something, when suddenly you emerge from your trance and realize you have almost missed your exit, when you are engrossed in a movie or great conversation with someone and lose all track of time, when you are working or doing a sports activity and are in the zone, those are all examples of trance and hypnosis. 

Contrary to what you see in movies or on TV hypnosis does not put you under the control of a hypnotist.  It's actually the opposite of that.  You weren't born with the negative self-limiting thoughts that keep you from looking, feeling and performing at your best.  They crept in over time from negative experiences with people in our lives.  Hypnosis works to undo the negative influences that have held you back, preventing you from being the natural and happy you.   While the those plot lines of hypnotic control over you might make for a fun stage show or interesting movie  the subconscious mind is always on and always protecting you from harm.  It keeps your car on the road while you're daydreaming because your subconscious mind above all else is programed for self-preservation.  While in trance your subconscious mind also protects you from doing anything that would be against your core belief system.

The Two Minds:
The mind is generally thought to consist of two parts, the conscious and the subconscious mind.  The conscious mind is the logical, analytical, reasoning part which is also responsible for short term memory and willpower.  While it is logical reasoning part it is still prone to make mistakes.  The subconscious is the protective part of the mind.  It stores and recalls long term memory.  It is the part of the mind where you experience emotions, is in charge of the autonomic body functions, the immune system and everything that keeps us alive and healthy.  It is the fight or flight part of our minds.  The part that tries to keep everything status quo.  All the things you have been doing have kept you alive to this point and its job is to keep it that way.   This is why it can often be difficult to change.  When you set off on your New Yearís resolution that is the conscious mind working with will power to start you down your new chosen path.  After a while, willpower can fade leaving you to fall back into long term habits formed and stored in the subconscious mind.

Where your conscious and subconscious minds agree, your problems do not exist.  Both parts of the mind work together in harmony.  When the two minds disagree is where the problems lie.   The gateway between the two parts of the mind is called the critical factor.  It is your truth/lie detector and matches incoming data against your core beliefs and decides if new information gets accepted as true, or rejected as false.  This part is not perfect either and over time can accept as true perceptions and beliefs that are not productive to a happy and healthy you, perhaps about your diet, or self-image.   When your subconscious disagrees with your consciously chosen goals you attempt to combat what have become long term beliefs, habits and behaviors with the short term power of willpower.   This is a battle that willpower rarely wins. 

How does hypnosis work?
With help from your hypnotist, the conscious mind and critical factor go out for a break while we work directly with your subconscious to sort out issues and get it back in line with your conscious goals. Non-productive beliefs can be changed or eliminated. Your subconscious mind can be retrained to eliminate bad habits, and replace them with new productive ones.  

What is hypnosis like??

 Everyone's experience with hypnosis is unique to them, but while hypnotized, subjects usually report feeling very relaxed but very focused - much like being "in the zone".  While in this state, you be able to hear and understand everything I say to you.  It is a feeling of heightened awareness, free from any and all distractions.

Will I quack like a duck or cluck like a chicken?

That style of hypnosis is done in stage shows for entertainment purposes.  Here at the Prince William Hypnosis Center our focus is on helping  you to overcome your challenge,  not entertaining a crowd - but if you would like to quack, it can be arranged. (we normally charge extra for that!)

How much does it cost?

The Virtual Gastric Band Program costs $600 for the 4 session program.  As it is best to be fully invested in your success we ask for payment in full before the first session.  Discounts are available when signing up with friends/colleagues.  Hourly sessions are available for $150/hr with discounts for booking multiple sessions in advance.

What are my payment options?

We accept payments in Cash and Personal Check.


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