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Are you ready to lose weight without having to suffer?

For years,  in one way or another you have been told that the ONLY way to lose weight is to:

  • Give up the foods you love the most
  • Devote your life to the gym
  • Starve yourself with diets
  • Devote your life to counting food points for everything you eat

It feels like the more you try to diet and exercise, the less in control you feel.  

Thankfully, There is another way!

With the Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss you can:

  • Feel confidence around and in control of your food.
  • Eliminate or reduce food cravings
  • Naturally make healthier food choices
  • Stop eating when you feel comfortable - naturally - not when you're stuffed.

If you desperately want to stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting and establish sustainable healthy eating habits losing a steady 1 to 2 lbs per week without feeling hungry and deprived then the four week Virtual Gastric Band is for you!  Keep reading for details on this reveloutionary method that has taken the world by storm.

Almost everyone knows being overweight can lead to all kinds of health problems... You don't need another person nagging at you to lose weight...   and as if that weren't bad enough:

  • You don't have the energy you used to have
  • You want to look thinner and more attractive
  • You have difficulty sleeping
  • Your joints hurt
  • Your favorite clothes are tight or no longer fit

But if you've tried to lose weight, you probably already know diet is a 4-letter word.

And while the latest fad diet might work for a while, deep down you know eventually the weight will come back, because no one likes to constantly feel hungry and deprived of your favorite foods.

Dieting is more likely to make you fatter than thinner!

According to a 2007 by Traci Mann, PhD, associate professor of psychology at UCLA, “we found that the average percentage of people who gained back more weight than they lost on diets was 41%.” So does this mean the majority of dieters lose weight?

“This is actually bleaker than it seems” Mann continues, - “even though most people would find that 41% number to be pretty depressing” she says “We have strong reasons to feel that this number underepresents the true number of participants who gained back more weight than they lost.”

Exercise is good...

But it's not the only factor in successful weight loss.

Exercise is great for your body, and is a very important part of maintaining good health, but Exercise alone cannot fix the problem if you're taking in more calories than you use. And you'll need to exercise consistently to see any weight loss benefits.

So how can you really lose weight?

To change your body, you first need to change your mind!

There is a reason most weight loss methods are usually not successful in the long term and that is because the subconscious programming will keep you literally stuck where it thinks it needs to be.

You see… your subconscious has a VERY important job to do. It’s programmed to keep you alive and to keep you happy.

Unfortunately, sometimes the mind equates too much of that happiness with pleasure it gets from eating, or gets conditioned to use that food pleasure to make you feel better about other things in your life that make you unhappy.

Your subconscious will resist change unless it feels compelled to change!

After all… You've been eating all those delicious foods that made you feel happy, and you're still alive.

All too often - it takes a life-altering event like a heart-attack or stroke before some people will finally get serious about their health - and even then - they'll often need help.

Until your subconscious mind changes, you’ll continue to repeating the same cycle.




Introducing: The Virtual Gastric Band!

It's "Virtual" because it requires no surgery.

The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Weight Loss Method succeeds where diets fail because it addresses the reason why you gained weight in the first place:

  • Your subconscious programmed to eat larger portions than you need
  • You continue to eat even after your body signals that you are full.

Using the imaginative power of your subconscious mind, a "hypnotic" gastric band" is placed around the top part of your stomach making your subconscious mind believe your stomach's capacity has been shrunk to about the size of a golf ball.

Clients are taught and conditioned to once again listen to and OBEY their body's signals for when they have had enough to eat, at which point they stop eating.

The benefits to you:

  • Steady healthy weight loss
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved health and vitality
  • Become thinner and feel more attractive
  • Fit in the clothes you want to wear
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

But does it REALLY work?

I understand your skepticism. Lots of people make promises about weight loss products and services.

Most of them offer temporary solutions that keep you dependent on their services to maintain the results.

Join a name-brand diet center and after paying hundreds of dollars in membership fees, you'll be spending hundreds of dollars every month on frozen meals.

Do you really want to be limited to eating frozen meals for the rest of your life?

The Virtual Gastric Band works to condition your mind with new and healthy habits and to adopt a new healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Enjoy the foods you like in smaller portions and eating treats less frequently.

While the other guys want to keep you on a payment plan, my goal is to help you make a permanent change, so while we really do love our customers, our goal is to never have you need to come back.

How many sessions will I need?

Everybody is different. For most people, 4 sessions over 28 days does a good job of getting the new habits started. Some may need more work to overcome their bad habits.

The 4 session program includes a support daily audio CD/mp3 (a $40 value) to help with the conditioning process which you can continue to listen to after you've finished the program.  The program also includes another bonus – the 8 rules for Virtual Gastric Band Success which gives you some very helpful rules and guidelines to help you to be successful.

The Story behind the Virtual Gastric Band program

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Weight Loss was developed by UK Clinical Hypnotherapist Sheila Granger. In a clinical trial 25 random men and women volunteers underwent the Virtual Gastric Band of different ages, sizes.

Under normal circumstances, Sheila would work one on one with her clients, but to save time, this trial was conducted as a group session, which usually isn't as successful. To her amazement:

This weight loss method has had an amazing 95% success rate with 24 out of 25 clients reporting success collectively losing about 190 pounds during the three week trial, and noticing a change in their eating habits.

Hypnotists and hypnotherapists who have trained with Sheila have started using this program with their clients and are also reporting great success.

Although rapid weight loss can and will happen with the average of 6 pounds in the first week**, the emphasis though is on a slow steady and healthy weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week over time.

(** amount lost in the first week varies - and depends on how much weight one has to lose)

Beyond the Virtual Gastric Band "surgery" itself the sessions will condition your subconscious for healthier eating practices, breaking bad eating habits and bad beliefs towards food.

Some Gastric Band Hypnosis practitioners love to boast how they charge upwards of $3000 for their services and still have a waiting list. Good for them if they can do that. I don't fault any business owner for wanting to make money. 

Living in a very affluent part of the country like the Washington, DC metro area, I could make a good living catering to the wealthy clients only. But obesity has become such a huge problem in this country. It’s destroying the health of so many, and raising the costs of healthcare for everyone.   

I want to make my services available and affordable so most anyone who needs it can get back in control of their eating habits and their health, and it’s my pleasure to do so.

Can I be hypnotized?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Most everyone can be hypnotized. There may be some with medical reasons... but trance and hypnosis is a very normal part of the minds functioning.

Trance is engaged often in activities like learning, watching movies, reading books, or even while driving your car.

The most common obstacle to trance is usually about being WILLING to be hypnotized.

The way hypnosis is so often portrayed in movies and television shows as a way to control someone is just FALSE and gives many people a negative impression of what hypnosis is. This can make it difficult for some to fully relax and enjoy the experience.

People cannot be hypnotized to do things against their will.

Will I cluck like a chicken?? Or quack like a duck??

Stage hypnosis shows are very entertaining.. but that's not what we do here.

By request we could give you suggestions to quack like a duck on cue, but we normally charge extra for that! :-)

Will the weight stay off?

That part is up to you. The Virtual Gastric Band program gives you the tools you need to lose the weight and keep it off. You also get a free audio CD/mp3 to help keep you on track.

There is also the option of follow-up sessions if you'd like the extra support.

Hypnosis is about empowering you to make the necessary changes. The power for change is in your mind, not with the hypnotist..

It is not a magic wand or miracle cure for obesity.

The Virtual Gastric band is not for everybody...

To tell the truth, there is no one size it all weight loss solution for everyone. For most people the Virtual Gastric Band can be very successful, but it won't work with everyone. So who is not a good match for the Virtual Gastric Band?

If you don't believe you can change... but are hoping for a miracle "cure."

If you're looking to prove to me that hypnosis doesn't work, or you are somehow special and can't be hypnotized... I'm not interested in being your next failure.

If you think I'm just going to wave a hypnosis wand and you're going to magically lose weight without any effort on your part... this isn't the program for you.

We both have responsibilities. My responsibility is to professionally guide you into trance and through the necessary steps for you to lose weight.

Your responsibilities are few but very important:

  • To show up for your appointments on time
  • to be willing to go into trance
  • to be willing to be hypnotized by me
  • to listen to the included audio CD daily
  • to follow instructions

If you're still reading this… Congratulations! You've passed the first test and could be a good match for the Virtual Gastric Band. ...but there's one more step.

You need to take action!

If you need no more convincing and already know the Virtual Gastric Band program is for you, then call today and make an appointment:

(703) 927-7422

Not ready? Still want more information? That's ok too.

Keep reading and check out the links below.

Virtual Gastric Band in the Media:

Gastric band hypnosis was also featured recently on the Dr. Oz Show.

Success with the "Virtual" Gastric Band program has been featured on the news:

Comparing other weight loss methods with Virtual Gastric Band:

Weight Loss surgery

  • can cost at minimum $10,000 to over $20k with no guarantees of success
  • It requires you to take time off of work.
  • It can be painful and result in complications.
  • Your diet is initially restricted to eating pureed foods
  • Unless you get into a counseling program, any subconscious reasons for overeating are still not addressed.
  • Even If you're insurance covers the lap band surgery at 80% you're still paying $2000 or more with no guarantees you will keep the weight off.

Famous Name Brand Diet Centers:

  • Some charge a $300-$400 Membership fee
  • Charge $200-$300+ per month for special frozen food packages
  • Want to keep you dependent on them for as long as possible. $$$
  • When the special diet stops your weight comes back because they don't address the underlying cause.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis:

  • Is non-invasive, painless and scar-free
  • Addresses the problems with over-eating
  • Addresses problems with portion control
  • Conditions you to obey your body's signals to stop eating when you've had enough
  • Is typically 4 sessions, though some people will need more.
  • No special diet or restrictions on types of food
  • Addresses subconscious needs and head hunger
  • Includes conditioning CD/MP3 to listen to at home - a $40 value!
  • Includes additional bonus: 8 rules for Virtual Gastric Band Success 
  • At $600 for the 4 session package Costs a fraction of what weight loss surgery or name brand diet centers costs
  • Sign up with a friend and get a discount!

Imagine: a slimmer, fitter and healthier you in just 4 weeks!



Tom Suit

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