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I came to the Prince William Hypnosis Center because I had been struggling.  I started a new job and was faced with having to work with a manager that had never managed before, was condescending, confrontational, and a control freak.  If I saw his name on an email or saw his name pop up on my cell phone, I would just get a sick feeling in my stomach.  It was taking a toll on my health and my relationship with my family and I needed to do something.  

I wasn't going to change how my manager behaved, but I could change how I reacted to him. Prince William Hypnosis taught me how to control my emotions and reactions so I could deal with my manager and not wonder if my job was really worth all the anguish.  

I recommend Prince William Hypnosis Center to anyone who is looking to deal with a tough situation without reaching for a pill to temporarily solve the problem.  

David T. 

I went to Prince William Hypnosis Center because I wanted to quit smoking. I had tried quitting in the past but it was always something I had to think about and it always ended up coming back.  After being hypnotised by Tom, it's just gone. I don't know how it works, but it really works!  I feel calmer all the time too. If you want to quit smoking I definitely recommend trying hypnosis.

Craig M. in Manassas

I wanted more confidence giving presentations at work. I hated public speaking. After being hypnotised I feel like a different person.  I had a presentation last week in front of people from other departments as well as the government project manager for our contract.  I felt like I was explaining something to a couple of my closest friends. I wish I'd known this years ago! 

Sean P.

I went to Tom for help with weight loss. I have been on a weight roller coaster my entire adult life.  I was never able to keep the weight off after dieting. Tom not only helped me lose 2 1/2 inches off my waist and 2 pant sizes (I'm still losing) but more importantly - keeping the weight off.  This is not a fad diet!  There are no restrictions on what you can eat. It's not about being in a gym for hours on end. It is training yourself how to eat well and in smaller portions.  The hypnosis sessions were very enlightening and really help keep me focused on portion control and exercise; and for me, NOT eating when stressed.  I HIGHLY recommend Tom for his professionalism and knowledge of hypnosis and the mind.

Janice S. in Gainesville, VA

I've lost 26 pounds and it has stayed off.  Tom even helped me with my chocolate  cravings. I can think about chocolate and I feel better without even having to eat it! It's amazing what your mind can do when it's working with you.

Amee in Bristow, VA

I went to Tom looking to lose weight, a problem I have always struggled with. During my sessions with him he not only helped me to eat less and become more active, he helped me deal with the reason I turned to food as a vice in the first place. I have lost over 40 lbs and kept it off with no problems. I am very happy with my results and I would totally recommend it to anyone else that wants to lose weight.

J.B. in Woodbridge




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